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Energy and Costs saving alternative
to gas-discharge floodlights.

LED Floodlights are a perfect alternative to gas-discharge floodlights. They are designed for advertising and company name boards, buildings, churches, company areas and yards, parking lots, billboards and bigboards.

A bigboard illuminated by LED Floodlights A bigboard illuminated by LED Floodlights


Maintenance free

You are aware of constant need of change the halogen bulbs in the floodlights, aren’t you? It is not that easy, if the floodlights are installed in heights and inaccessible place, right? Get rid of this duty forever! Our LED Floodlights are maintenance free.

LEDs are made to save the costs

LEDs know how to use the energy effectively. Save up to 70 – 80% of your costs with the LED Floodlights! The LEDs help to reduce the energy consumption and bring your bills down. Therefore, the LED technology provides a very quick return on investment – sometimes in few months!

Top-shelf components

Quality guaranteed by original multichip made by top producers Bridgelux, Nichia or Philips and high-quality electronic driver made by Mean Well®. Our LED Floodlights have better thermal conductivity than the their older “brothers” and are shock resistant. Moreover, the shell is made of true solid metal that lasts forever!

  • Tip Tip: Would you like to replace your old floodlight by a new LED one? No knack? What input should the new floodlight have? This informative equation comes handy:  (W) / 5 = LED Floodlight input. If you need more precise numbers, don’t hesitate to contact us.

LED Floodlights Price

The product price depends on a project. Contact us and ask for a free quote.

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