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6. November 2012

Case Study – Billboard LED Lighting

Original Lighting Solution

248 gas-discharge floodlights (250 W each) were employed in billboard lighting system. The total input of each light was 270 W including drivers.

Total 248 x 270 W = 66,960 W.

On average, the billboards were illuminated 11 hours a day, 7 days a week, during a year period. Therefore, 7 x 11 x 52 x 66,960 = cca 268,108 kWh were consumed for the billboard illumination during the year.

Total energy costs were 37,535.1 EUR per year, when 0.14 EUR/kWh is cosidered for an average energy cost.

New Lighting Solution

We suggested a saving alternative for our customer: to replace the 248 gas-discharge light units (250 W each) by 248 Exterior LED Floodlight units (50 W each). The total input of each LED Floodlight was 64 W including Mean Well drivers. Therefore, 15,872 W is required for all billboards illumination.

Exterior LED Floodlights 60°

The energy costs would be 7 x 11 x 52 x 15,872 x 0.14 = 8,897.2 EUR per year. The energy cost reduction is 28,638 EUR per year, if our lighting solution is implemented.

When counting the cost reduction, we have to involve maintanance cost decrease, too. Originally, the gas-discharge floodlights with a one year operation time were employed. Our LED solution is maintanance free and its operation time is more than 50,000 hours. Maintanace cost saving is approx. 4,504 EUR per year (gas-discharge floodlight price and the work price).

Total Lighting Cost Reduction

In this case, the total cost saving reaches 33,142 EUR per year, an amazing 80%. The LED Floodlight operation time is approx. 12.5 years, total billboard lighting cost saving is more than 414,000 EUR.

Comparing the original solution vs. new solution

  Original solution New solution
Input per unit 270 W 64 W
No. of Lights 248 units 248 units
Total input 66,960 W 15,872 W
Energy costs per year 37,535.10 EUR 8,897.20 EUR
Maintenance costs per year 4,504 EUR 0 EUR
Saving per year 33,142 EUR

Project where the LED floodlights were installed

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