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About Us

Who we are?

We are a LED Lighting distribution company that supplies lighting solutions to industry, offices and shops. We have already enlighten lives and offices of our customers in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

We have been lighting up the dark spots since 2010. We enjoy playing with light – reducing if there is too much, adding if there is not enough. We replace blinding light by smooth soft light that makes a human eye much happier 🙂 Our lights help to create pleasant office atmosphere.

Interested in numbers? 1,256 customers and solved up lighting issues. 21,495 lights sold and 67% average costs-savings.

What is the way we work?

We always take every condition and customer´s requirement into account. We search for the best combination of light quality and quick return on investment. No pot shots. Thus we can design a comprehensive and long-lasting lighting solution, always costs-saving and tailor-made for every single customer.

Precise work and no hustle. We are truly devoted to our job. Besides our experience, there is another pillar of our work – light planning projects – a specific lighting solution based on exact calculations. We believe the low price in not always the best answer. We find more important to find a quality and reliable costs-saving solution for each customer.

What are our products like?

We are a connecting link between satisfied customer and reliable supplier. This chain is essential to our success.

All our products have something in common – they are LED 🙂 and they are all meant for highly demanding European market. As we are very picky, we stand firm by the products we choose. We keep up with LED technology development and adjust our portfolio to the current market.

We collaborate with various Slovak and foreign suppliers. Over the years, they became our verified and reliable business partners. Thus, our nitpicking temperament and precise work of our suppliers let us offer you 3-year, 5-year or even long warranty period. We are also an authorized distributor of two Dutch LED Lighting systems:

Tím FREYAled: Ján Farbár, Lucia Chochlíková, Michal Chochlík

Why did we pick the LED Lighting?

We like the LED technology and find it fascinating. It is a field with huge perspective that develops constantly and always provides new opportunities. Never gets boring 🙂 What do we like the most? Long operation time, low electricity consumption and low COemissions. Great for both customer and environment 🙂

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We will develop a tailor-made solution for you

We price each project according to the needs of your space. Let our specialists prepare a price calculation for you.

Tomáš Krúžek

commercial and technical representative
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