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Energy and Costs saving.
Easy to install.
Perfect for plasterboards.


LED Downlights are made to be recessed into the plasterboards. Suitable especially for shopping malls, shops, offices, corridors etc.

LED Downlights Advantages

1st: Maintenance free:  Are you tired of never-ending troubles with lights? Fed up with changing the bulbs constantly? No more burnt out bulbs. Our LED Downlighs are maintenance free.

2nd: LEDs are made to save the costs:  LEDs know how to use the energy effectively. They help to reduce the energy consumption and bring your bills down. This way, the LED technology provides a very quick return on investment.

3rd: Easy to install:  The easy installation makes LED downlights really popular. All you need is an opening with the right diameter and a power supply. Just plug the LED Downlight into the plaster board. The easy installation makes LED downlights really popular.

4th: Perfect light in a second:  Our LED Downlights turn on immediately, even if switched on repeatedly.

5th: Long-lasting solution:  Our LED Downlights will serve you for a very long time – up to 50,000 hours of perfect light.

6th: Resistance:  One thing less to care about! Our LED Downlights are resistant to the voltage fluctuation.

Quality of LED Downlights

Quality guaranteed by LEDs and electronic driver made only by the best producers.

When LEDs get too hot, their operation time decreases a lot. Therefore, the LEDs need a proper cooling. Truly generous cooler covers all LEDs needs. Therefore, our LED Downlights last many years. 


You can save up to 80 % of costs comparing to the common recessed lights. Maintenance free operation brings the service bills down. Moreover, the easy installation saves the time. Just install and start saving!

LED Downlights Price

The product price depends on a project. Contact us and ask for a price quote.

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