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Sensor LED Light SHELL

Contactless LED Lights with a built-in light source and a microwave sensor. Made in Slovakia.

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Sensor LED Lights SHELL with microwave sensor save more than 90% of energy costs. The operation time is more than 50.000 hours. The LED chips are involved right into the light body.

Sensor LED Lights installation is very simple and the light source exchange is not required during the operation time. Lights guarant the light chormaticity in any point of Kelvin scale, do not produce any UV and do not attract insect, are environmental friendly and voltage fluctuation resistant.

Lights are maintenance free, switch on immediately, do not flicker and no radio frequency disturbance occurs.

Sensor LED light SHELL parameters

Input voltage AC: 220 V~240 V 50 Hz
Operation voltage 10 W
Sensor voltage ≤ 0,5 W
Light flux 500 lm or 550 lm
Colour Temperature 3000 K or 4000 K
Sensor range max. ø 8 m x 5 m
Automatic turn-off time 5 s ~ 25 min
Enclosure rating IP65
Sensitivty 2 ~ 30 lux
Power factor >0,95
Operation time 50.000 hours
Operation temperature -20°C ~ 40°C
Installation height max. 5 m
Weight 0.8 kg
Size Ø 320 mm, height 105 mm
Warranty 5 years

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