High Efficiency LED High Bay Light PRIMUS New

A highly efficient and resistant LED High Bay Light. Perfect for production sites, warehouses, factories and workshops.

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LED High Bay Light PRIMUS is truly highly efficient – up to 197 lm/W at 4,000 K and a colour rendering index (Ra) over 80. PRIMUS is a great lighting solution for high ceilings.

LED High Bay Light PRIMUS saves up to 80% of energy costs compared to your old lighting solution. Its operation time is 131,000 hours (L70B50 variant), or 70,000 hours (L80B50 variant). 

A finned cooler and an additional passive cooling system for the driver provide proper heat transfer and passive cooling of the unit. The fixture is made of high-quality components, it is resistant and suitable for challenging environments. IP 65 enclosure rating allows for safe outside installation of the fixture.

Surfaced and suspended mountings make the fixture suitable for various installations. LED High Bay Light PRIMUS does not emit any UV radiation, does not attract the insect and does not flicker. The operation is environmentally friendly and maintenance-free. It switches on immediately and is radio frequency disturbance free.

PRIMUS is a top-notch and reliable lighting solution. The production process is rigorously monitored and the fixture is tested continuously.

We provide 5 years warranty.

Operation time over 69,000 hoursWarranty 5 yearsCE certificateRoHS certificateEnclosure rating IP 65Enclosure rating IK 08


86 W
118 W
150 W
200 W
Input voltage AC: 100 V – 277 V/50 – 60 Hz
Input 86 W 118 W 150 W 200 W
Light flux – 60° (NW)* Denná biela (DB) 16,490 lm 22,220 lm 27,825 lm 37,310 lm
Light flux – 90° (NW)* Denná biela (DB) 16,930 lm 22,820 lm 28,575 lm 38,315 lm
Colour rendering index > 80 CRI 
Colour temperature  4,000 K (3,000 K and 5,000 K on request)
Enclosure rating IP 65/IK 08
Operation time > 70,000 hours/L80B50 or > 131,000 hours/L70B50
Operation temperature -30 °C ~ 50 °C
Driver  Lifud
Beaming angle 60°, 90°
Size Ø 260 × 120 mm Ø 300 × 120 mm
Mounting options surfaced with bracket/suspended
Možnosti regulácie DALI, DALI 2, 0-10 V, HF sensor, PIR sensor
Optional accessories AL diffuser (UGR 22), PC diffuser, sensors driver
Weight 1.9 kg 2.3 kg
Warranty 5 years

Following the valid regulations, the input and light flux can vary by +-10%. The light flux parameter shows the status at 90°, including the losses (The light flux of the individual LEDs is not indicated). Light flux intensity depends on the temperature employed (K), the higher the temperature, the higher the light flux. [3,000 K = warm white (WW), 4,000 K = neutral white (NW), 5,000 K = daylight white (DW), 6,000 K = cold white (CB)]

Katalógový list – svietidlo PRIMUS Datasheet – LED High Bay Light PRIMUS   Fotometrické dáta – svietidlo PRIMUS  LDT data for LED High Bay Light PRIMUS

We will prepare a tailor-made solution for you

We offer an individual approach for each project and we take into account the parameters of lighted premises when proposing a solution. 

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