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FAQ – frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions on Public Lighting

Is it worth to change the public lighting in a village where is only a small amount of lights employed?

Yes, energy and maintenance cost savings can be reached with fewer amounts of lights.

Is it worth to change the public lighting in a village where the public lighting system has been renovated recently?

Generally, the replacement is always worth, even if the lights in a village are relatively new. Of course, the cost saving is more significant (70 – 90%) when the older lights are replaced by a LED alternative. The cost saving is 50 -70% even when the newer conventional lights are replaced by a LED alternative.

Why should I buy the LED lights? What is the advantage of LED lights when comparing to induction lights?

There is no perspective in the future development of induction lights. It is impossible to improve the system efficacy of the induction lights. Higher Ra values (colour rendering index) can be achieved with LED lights. The induction lights operation time is similar to LED lights operation time, while the primary investment on LED lights is higher. There are few induction lights types where a strong electro magnetic radiation is emitted. This radiation can affect the human health in a very negative way.

Is it possible to carry on the electrical grids reconstruction?

Yes, we can carry on the electrical grids reconstruction while reconstructing the lighting system.

There are short on electrical grids in a village, is there a solution?

Yes, our technician can reveal this problem during the on site inspection in most of the times and find an adequate solution.

How much does the village public lighting reconstruction cost? What is the price for a light?

Total amount for the lighting reconstruction depends on total amount of lights, works executed and on model f the light. There is an individual unit price for every project. It depends on model of the light and on total amount of units installed.

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