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1. October 2012

LED Public Lighting Cooling System

Cooling principles and operation time

LED Lights dispose with a long operation time. If the electric current is not very high and diods are kept under the right temperature, LED Lights can serve more than 100.000 hours.

LED is a semiconductor, which emits the light when electric current passes. The current intensity can be easily regulated and limited by a good driver. The cooling process is more complicated. While in the flourescent lamp the warm emitted does not really matter, LED Light is different.


Cooling the LED

The main question is how to take the heat quicky away while trying to avoid the LED overheating. The diod temperature, a temporal semiconductor temperature, must be kept under the critical level. If the temporal temperature is lower than the critical temperature, the semiconudctor operation time lengthens. Therefore, the diod must transmit the heat away, for example into the material where the diod is installed. This gives many challanges and possibilities of LED Light design.

The Innolumis Company designs both items – LED light sources and LED Public Lighting. Thanks to a project mergence the cooling system can be involved right into the light source body: the heat is absorbed and eliminated quicky using whole light capacity. Two aspects become a very important: an emitting ability and a light robustness.

A suitable material

A material made for a heat off-take must dispose a high emitting ability (an emissivity), an ability to radiate the heat. Innolumis lights material emissivity is higher than 0,9, therefore it emits the heat very well. A comparison: a perfect black object emissivity is 1. A polised piece of aluminum or shining chrome emissivity is less than 0,2, therefore these materials emitting abilities are very low.

At the same time, the light must dispose a good heat absorbtion capacity and can´t be very heavy. Nicole Lumis-LED Light by Innolumis weighs only 7 kg and its maximum operation temperature is 40°C at the room temperature (20°C). Check the OliNo´s pictures to see the temperature around the light does not exceed 34°C.

LEDs on a cooling gill

Light body design

A light design was optimalized for the heat off-take. The light is smooth, with no cooling gills nor other cooling equipment. This also helps to save the costs, because the smooth surface makes the maintanance much easier: a smooth surface does not get dirty so fast and is easy to clean. Besides this, there is another advantage: a maximum area exposed to a wind is 0,12 m2. Therefore Nicole Lumis-LED Light is wind resistant and does not cause a pressure on the lamp-stand pole.

LED light Nicole seen with IR spectrum

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