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6. May 2015

Karol Kašubjak – MAX – Lights for a hardware shop

Lights employed: LED Panels 60×60 cm 

Originally, there were 34 units of cassette tube lights in the hardware shop. An input of one single light is approx 100W. The original lights were replaced by our LED Panels 60×60 40W. Thus, the number of lighting points could be reduced to 16. Subsequently, our customer would save approx 1,600 E a year for energy and maintenance.

More information on the new lighting solution for the hardware shop can be found in the correspondent case study.

Vyjadrenie zákazníka:

“I´m glad I don´t have to climb a ladder every other week to change the tubes. Thank you, FREYA. It is like there was much more light in the shop even the number of lights was reduced by half.” Karol Kašubjak

LED Panel 60x60 cm LED Panel 60x60 cm

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