Used light sources recollection and recyclation

Unlike their ancestors - flour lamps - LED bulbs are mercury free and don´t contain any other poisonous substancies. Despite that, the LED bulbs should be recycled in the same way as any other electric waste. That is not only the legal duty, but first of all, FREYA Slovakia personal conviction, that the ecology is not a left-over, and we have to protect the nature. Since the very beginning, FREYA Slovakia has been a member of EKOLAMP coordinating organization, which takes care of used light sources collection and recyclaction.

There were 626 141 kg of functionless lighting systems collected by EKOLAMP in 2012. Our participation in this coordinating organization helped EKOLAMP to perform duties applied by Act on Waste Management. EKOLAMP containers for an used bulbs, a gas-discharge lamps, a LED bulbs and a LED lights can be found at recycling sites and in many shops.

Osvedčenie Ekolamp 2012


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