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LED Panel PETRA is a costs saving and decent lighting solution for offices, hotels, malls and restaurants.

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LED Panel PETRA saves up to 70 % of the energy and maintenance costs and the operation time is more than 50,000 hours. LED Panel PETRA is resistant to the voltage fluctuation, requires no maintenance and is easy to install. 

There is a special micro-pyramid textured diffuser for UGR <19 involved in LED Panel PETRA. While the LED Panel PETRA saves the costs, at the same time it keeps the site effectively illuminated thanks to the high system efficacy, reaching 120 lm/W.

The individual light sources (LEDs) are not visible and the light provides pleasant even light without shading. It is characteristic by the true colour rendering, as the colour rendering index is higher than 80. You feel comfortable in the room, the light is natural and does not alter real colours.

The basic variant is suitable for coffered ceilings. Using the additional accessories, the LED Panel PETRA can also be installed in few different ways – recessed, surfaced or suspended.

LED Panel PETRA emits pleasant, even and elegant light, turns on immediately and does not flicker. We provide 3 years warranty.


  • extensive saving, long operation time
  • maintenance free
  • no flickering, turns on immediately
  • chromaticity of your choice
  • environmentally friendly
  • low loss of light intensity

Operation time 50,000 hrs.Warranty 3 yearsCE certificationRoHS certificationEnclosure Rating IP 40

LED Panel PETRA Parameters

PETRA 60 × 60
Input Voltage 230V AC/DC
Size 595 × 10 mm
Output 17 W 20 W 24 W 27 W 32 W 34 W 39 W
Light Flux (NW)*  1,980 lm 2,376 lm 2,772 lm 3,168 lm 3,565 lm 3,741 lm 4,356 lm
Colour Temperature 3,000 K, 4,000 K or 5,000 K
Colour Rendering Index > 80 CRI
Power Factor > 0.95
Enclosure Rating IP 40 (optics) ⁄IP 20 (electrics)
Protection Rating II.
Operation Time > 50,000 hours
Operation Temparature -5 °C ~ +35 °C
Body Material  anodised aluminium
Diffuser Material  micro-pyramid texture
Control System 1-10 V, DALI or DALI/DSI
Driver  Tridonic
LED Type Osram
Mounting recessed, suspended, surfaced
Weight 3.5 kg
Warranty 3 years

*  Light flux parameter shows the REAL light flux regarding the light intensity loss (not the LED chip light flux intensity, which does not reflect the real light intensity). Light flux intensity depends on the temperature employed (K), higher the temperature, higher the light flux. [3,000 K = warm white (WW), 4,000 K = neutral white (NW), 5,000 K = day light white (DW), 6,000 K = cold white (CB)]

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