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Linear LED Light LEONA

Highly resistant Linear LED Light LEONA for the use in the industry.

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Linear LED Light LEONA saves up to 60 % of energy costs comparing to the common alternative, and the operation time is 50,000 hours. The system efficacy of Linear LED Light LEONA is 140 lm/W provided the colour temperature is 4,000 K or higher.

LEONA is cost saving and stylish alternative for linear lights with tubes employed. Linear LED Light LEONA is a perfect lighting solution for garages, parking houses, industrial premises, warehouses, corridors and basements.

Moreover, LEONA is environmentally friendly and requires no maintenance. Thanks to the high quality embodiment you do not have to face the troubles such as flickering nor radio frequency disturbance.

And of course, Linear LED Light LEONA switches on immediately. LEONA is resistant to voltage fluctuation, as well as frequent turning on and off. Linear LED Light LEONA disposes of IP66 enclosure rating, what makes it resistant to water and dust.

Basic mounting options are the suspended and the ceiling surfaced mounting. The installation is very simple.

LED light LEONA – surfaced mountingLED light LEONA – suspended mounting

An integrated movement sensor and dimming function can be added on request.

LED light LEONA with Emergency Module

We provide 3 years warranty.

Operation time 50,000 hrs.Warranty 3 yearsCE certificationRoHS certificationEnclosure Rating IP 66Enclosure Rating IK 10

Linear LED Light LEONA parameters

Size 600 × 63 × 83 mm 900 × 63 × 83 mm 1,200 × 63 × 83 mm 1,500 × 63 × 83 mm 1,500 × 63 × 83 mm
Input 20 W 30 W 40 W 50 W 65 W
Light Flux (NW)* Light Flux (NW)*  – clear shell 2,100 lm/2,800 lm 3,150 lm/4,200 lm 4,200 lm/5,600 lm 5,250 lm/7,000 lm 6,825 lm/9,100 lm
Light Flux (NW)* Light Flux (NW)* – frosted shell 1,900 lm/2,600 lm 2,850 lm/3,900 lm 3,800 lm/5,200 lm 4,750 lm/6,500 lm 6,175 lm/8,450 lm
Beaming Angle 120°
LED Type
SMD 2835
Colour Temperature 2,700 ~ 6,500 K
Colour Rendering Index > 80 CRI (Ra)
Operation Temperature
-20 °C ~ 40 °C
Operation Time
50,000 hours/L70
Enclosure Rating IP 66 /I K 10
Power Factor ≥ 0.93
Control Systems MV sensor
Emergency Module
yes no
Mounting Surfaced / Suspended
Weight 1.7 kg 2.6 kg 2.6 kg 3.5 kg 3.5 kg
Warranty 3 years
Microwave Sensor Parameters
Mounting Height 3 – 6 m
Sensor Range
max. 8 m
Detection 150°

*  Light flux parameter shows the REAL light flux regarding the light intensity loss (not the LED chip light flux intensity, which does not reflect the real light intensity). Light flux intensity depends on the temperature employed (K), higher the temperature, higher the light flux. [3,000 K = warm white (WW), 4,000 K = neutral white (NW), 5,000 K = day light white (DW), 6,000 K = cold white (CB)]

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