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Economic LED Tubes

LED Tubes are the subsitution for the linear flourescent lamps. A significant cost reduction and easy installation become their main advantages.

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Energy Saving LED Tubes save up to 60% of energy costs and their operation time reaches 40.000 hours. Tube rotation angle reaches 180° (+ 90°/ – 90°), therefore, the light flux can be focused where necessary.

The tube luminous efficacy levels get to 115 lm/W while 100% check-out is provided. During the operatin time, the light flux decreases negligibly. The tube major part is occupied by an improved cooling system – the cooler occupies 2/3 of a tube perimeter and helps to lengthen the operation time.

No driver nor starter is implemented in the tube, therefore flickering and radio frequency disturbance (a stroboscopic effect) are eliminated, the tubes switch on immediatelly and are environmental friendly. LED Tubes are gentle to your eyes thanks to a dimmable diffusor with 88% pass. There are two diffusor types to choose – a transparent or a dimmable.


T8 Y3 – 12 W
T8 Y3 – 17 W
T8 Y3 – 20 W

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