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How does the light impact your biological clock?

Natural body biorhythms and hormone production Circadian rhythms are natural body biorhythms that display an oscillation in an interval. The interval is a day (24-hours), and a sleep/wake rotation can serve as an example of the rhythm. Circadian rhythms are endogenous, but they are highly in…

Health effects of the light

Role of light and its effects on sleep During the last decades, a popular opinion on the role of light and its health effects has been significantly changed due to scientific research. The light can affect one´s perception, change the mood, make one comfortable or uncomfortable and regulate …

Basic terminology on LED Lighting

For many years LED lighting has been used for many applications, such as monitors or TV, and becoming a main light source during the next decades is inevitable. No doubts, LED Lighting is an effective, saving and ecological option, which requires significantly less energy than conventional l…

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