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2. February 2015

5 years working for you!

We have been providing cost-saving lighting solutions for streets and companies for five years. For its fifth birthday, our – and your – company FREYA got a new responsive website.

On the occasion, let us guide you through our website history. 

2010 – FREYA’s 1st website

We converted our grand business plans into a website, a starting point to lead you to two individual websites. Meet

 An expample of design

2010 – LED bulbs PHAROX website

FREYA Slovakia s.r.o. was the very first company to introduce the Dutch LED bulbs Pharox to the Slovak market. The domain is still on, check it out 😉

An example of design

2010 – a website for the Lumis-LED needed

Public lighting needs a revolution, too. Thus, another website was dedicated to the Dutch LED lighting brand Lumis-LED. We created two versions of the website – for the day and the night.

An example of design  An example of design

2011 – new e shop

Step by step, we had widen our lighting systems portfolio, therefore we decided to create a special website just for the LED lights – Household products were displayed on the e shop, so our customers could buy them on-line.

An example of design in 2011  An example of design in 2011-2013

2012 – 2014 – our website was redesigned again

We had been using this website the longest – it had been on for more than 2 years, including some tiny design improvements. 

An example of design in 2012-2013  An example of design in 2014

2015 – new responsive website

Here we go! How do you like it? 🙂

An example of design in 2015 An example of design in 2015

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