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Linear LED Light LAURA

LAURA is perfect solution for warehouses, corridors and workbenches.

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Linear LED light LAURA consists of ultrabright LED chips by NICHIA, a Japanese producer. It is able to save up to 60 % of energy costs. This light is highly effective – up to 115 lm/W while the colour temperature is 5,000 K.

LAURA is highly resistant to frequent turning on and off, as well as some chemical effects. It is interesting in term of colour ad design. The driver made by Mean Well is involved.

Its operation time is more than 50,000 hours. 5 year warranty and environmentally friendly operation are also big advantages. Linear LED light LAURA has been specially developed for warehouse aisles, but it is also a perfect solution for warehouses, corridors and workbenches.

Basic mounting options are the suspended and the ceiling surfaced mouting. It has a passive cooling system for an optimal heat escape. No concerns about delays in starting, flickering, high-frequency interference or UV radiation!

Operation time 50,000 hrsWarranty 5 yearsCE certificationRoHS certificationEnclosure Rating IP 65

Linear LED Light LAURA parameters

MODEL Linear LED Light
 Linear LED Light
 Linear LED Light
 Linear LED Light
Linear LED Light
  Linear LED Light
Size 258 x 137 x 102 mm 488 x 137 x 102 mm 718 x 137 x 102 mm 948 x 137 x 102 mm 1178 x 137 x 102 mm 718 x 275 x 102 mm
Input Voltage AC: 100V ~ 277V / 47-63 Hz
Output 33 W 65 W 94 W 125 W 155 W 187 W
Driver Type Mean Well
Light Flux (NW)*
120° optics
3,635 lm 7,360 lm 10,850 lm 14,450 lm 18,110 lm 21,505 lm
Light Flux (NW)*
60×90° optics
3,352 lm 6,790 lm 10,290 lm 13,640 lm 15,090 lm 20,470 lm
Light Flux (NW)*
30×70° optics
3,250 lm 6,500 lm 9,750 lm 12,870 lm 16,440 lm 18,740 lm
Light Flux Temperature 4,000 ~ 5,000 K
Enclosure Rating IP 65
Power Factor ≥0.95
Colour Rendering Index 73 Ra (83 Ra – on request)
Operation Temperature
-40°C ~ 50°C
Operation Time 50,000 hours /L80/B10
Weight 1.8 kg 3.5 kg 4.8 kg 6 kg 7.2 kg 9.6 kg
Warranty 5 years

*  Light flux parameter shows the REAL light flux regarding the light intensity loss (not the LED chip light flux intensity, which does not reflect the real light intensity). Light flux intensity depends on the temperature employed (K), higher the temperature, higher the light flux. [3,000 K = warm white (WW), 4,000 K = neutral white (NW), 5,000 K = day light white (DW), 6,000 K = cold white (CB)]

Made in EUOperation time 50,000 hrsWarranty 5 yearsCE certificationRoHS certificationEnclosure Rating IP 65Enclosure Rating IK 10

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